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Meet new Salt Lake City, Utah franchise owner, Jodi Jorgensen.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

New Franchise Owner Interview - Jodi Jorgensen

What is your background?

“I have been a licensed cosmetologist/instructor since 2003. I went to beauty school while in high school. The beauty industry is all I know. After finishing school I went on to become an instructor at the same school I attended. I’ve worked in many salons from your basic salon franchise like Mastercuts  when I was first starting out to very high end upscale salon’s charging top dollar, locally and in California and Nevada. I’ve worked in both commission based and booth rent salons. I know how scary it can be going out on your own in this business but I’ve also experienced how rewarding it can be. I’ve also dabbled in other professions such as real estate, insurance, finance, etc.. but I’ve never let go of my career doing hair and lashes.  I love learning new things and the creativity that is unique to the beauty industry.”

How did your first find/hear about IMAGE Studios?

“Back in 2009 while living and working at a busy commission salon in Las Vegas, I was first introduced to the salon suite model. I knew then that this was the only kind of salon I would ever want to own. I first saw the franchise opportunity on Facebook. I instantly got excited as I filled out the contact form.”

What characteristics or skill sets did you identify with that made you think that IMAGE Studios was the right opportunity?

“Because of my experience I felt very confidant with the whole business model. I know many salon professionals in the area. I currently work at a booth rent salon which has been great but I love the fact that I can move my clientele to the new location and work both as a stylist as well as the onsite manager. That way I can be the eyes and ears of the salon which will help me to better support new tenants and be a resource to current tenants. I love the fact that this business can essentially run itself. It really doesn’t take much of your personal time to maintain.”

What was the your initial reaction to IMAGE Studios? What did you like about it?

“I knew was that the very thought of it made me feel a sense of joy. By chance, I had a hair appointment with a stylist that was referred to me by a friend, she was at one of the IMAGE Studios locations. This gave me a chance to experience the concept first hand. I loved the sense of unity and freedom these stylists had with running their own business. I thought the floor plan and design were very aesthetically pleasing. The energy was pleasant and the stylists seemed happy.”

What was the turning point during the process that made you want to fully commit to the franchise opportunity?

“I know enough about the industry and how it works to know that this was the opportunity I had been looking for. It was all a matter of  getting the financing. Being that I have never attempted to open a business like this, I had no idea where to go or how to go about getting financing. With some help from a business adviser we were able to create a business plan and financial projections to present to the bank. As soon as we were approved for the bank loan we felt comfortable enough to pay the franchise and site selection fee as well as sign the contract.”

What do you like personally about our franchise concept?

“I love the core values of Success, Freedom and Creativity promoted by IMAGE Studios. What stylist does not resonate with that? I love the design, keeping it clean, modern and functional. This industry is all about value. The value your tenant and their clients experience. Value can be created many ways but creating a beautiful, clean, functional space is of utmost importance. I also love the culture that can be created through the support of other like minded professionals, dedication to education and classes and holding events to support the strength of the relationships through the salon professionals as well as their clients.”

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