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Interview with our Founder, Jason Olsen


IMAGE Studios is a business created on creativity, freedom and success, and with a simple and stable franchise model they are looking to redefine the salon industry as we know it. The IMAGE Studios concept is like a mini-mall of hair salons all under one roof, and you’re the landlord, and you can operate all of this stress-free with the help and training from IMAGE Studios.

In this Success Story Interview, we talk with Jason Olsen, the founder of IMAGE Studios. He tells us about the salon industry, what IMAGE Studios looks for in franchise owners, and more! Read on to learn more about this rapidly growing franchise.

Can you tell us a little about the history of IMAGE Studios and the part you play in the franchise?

The dream began in 2009 when several creative minds came together to discuss the possibility of what would one day become IMAGE Studios. We wanted to disrupt the traditional salon business model and thus created a major shift in the industry by offering salon space that catered to every aspect of this industry from hair stylists, estheticians, nail techs, massage therapists and more. After numerous cups of coffee, more coffee, late nights, endless meetings, road trips, prototypes and countless sketches on who knows how many napkins, IMAGE Studios was born.

As IMAGE Studios continued to develop and grow, we quickly identified our core values; creativity, freedom and success. There is an entire universe of values but these core values truly embody everything we do at IMAGE Studios. They guide our company and define our culture, they help explain why we do business the way we do, they guide us in making decisions and they articulate what we stand for. These core values resonate with each person who is part of the IMAGE Studios family, which is why we find such a close connection with each of our team members, our franchisees and our salon professionals. We are excited to show you more about this incredible opportunity that is redefining the salon industry as we know it.

Why should prospective franchise owners be excited about an IMAGE Studios franchise?

Our proven business model delivers residual income that comes from leasing salon studios to beauty professionals. It’s like a mini-mall of hair salons all under one roof.

To help you maintain continual profitability by keeping your studio’s full, we also provide ongoing training and education to your tenants, which keeps them successful and helps them run their business.

Enjoy the stability and strength of the beauty industry combined with the reliable rental income from our business model. First time entrepreneurs and experienced investors alike can benefit from this incredible opportunity. Our franchise model allows you to grow your investment portfolio and expand into multiple locations easily.

Simple. Stable. Scalable.

What does the training look like for an IMAGE Studios franchise owner?

We offer a comprehensive, hands on 3-day training at our corporate office in Salt Lake City where you’ll meet our entire team and learn all the ins and outs of running an IMAGE Studios, including what a day in the life typically looks like, ongoing operations, the build out process, understand financials, software and more.

Are there specific demographics an IMAGE Studios franchise is best suited for?

Suburban markets are best suited for this concept, including strip malls and retail centers. We typically look for space ranging from 4,500 – 7,000 SF for each IMAGE Studios location.

Tell us about the day-to-day experiences franchise owners can expect while running an IMAGE Studios franchise.

IMAGE Studios is truly a stress-free business model. We’ve developed and engineered a successful system that empowers franchisees to control and operate their business while allowing them the flexibility to focus on their goals and the things that are important to them.

What are some trends to keep an eye out for within your industry segment?

We have the privilege of being a part of a thriving $75 billion industry that is rapidly growing at a 14% growth rate year over year and an expected 9% growth over the next 10 years for salon suite tenants. The salon suites space is quickly becoming a trend that few can resist. We provide the ability for beauty professionals in this industry to go out on their own, “be their own boss” and build a stable business they can personalize and call their own. A shift in the industry as huge as this helps solidify our goals and growth for the near future and provide us the comfort of what we would like to call a “recession proof” industry.

What are the most important traits IMAGE Studios looks for in prospective franchise owners?

The right candidate for an IMAGE Studios franchise is someone who enjoys being on the cutting edge and wants to be first at a whole new look! Our brand is pioneering a new look and business model that is changing the salon industry from the inside out, and we’re looking for people who want to take this incredible concept to select markets across the country.

Those who may not be familiar with the beauty industry or have extensive business management and ownership experience are not excluded from our selection process. We have the right system to help any of our new franchisee experience success as an IMAGE Studios operator.

From the very beginning our core values have been “Creativity + Freedom + Success”. These core values are critically important to us and we only seek individuals who possess those same values. Together, we can create an intoxicating formula for success.

How long does the start-up process typically take?

Once the Franchise agreement is signed, we move into site location, lease negotiation and then build out. This process can take anywhere from 6 – 9 months to complete before doors are open.

What’s the biggest mistake you see from your incoming franchisees? How can it be avoided?

Understanding how to navigate the commercial leasing process. We’re here to help assist along the way so franchisees can potentially avoid a less than desirable long-term lease.

What’s next for IMAGE Studios in terms of expansion?

We are excited to announce our newest addition opening in Wellington, Florida in the coming months. Our future development is growing rapidly across the states and we’re gearing up for a busy road ahead.

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