In 2009 brothers Jason Olsen & Shaun Olsen began discussing the possibility of creating a co-working salon space that offered professionals in the beauty industry something that would truly disrupt the traditional salon business model, effectively making a much-needed shift in the industry by offering a studio salon space that catered to all health and beauty professionals, including hairstylists, estheticians, nail techs, massage therapists and more.  After many late-night meetings, phone calls, road trips across the country (and sketches on who knows how many napkins) IMAGE Studios® became a reality as they opened their first of many locations in Salt Lake City, Utah. After their 5th location opened in 2015, they began preparations to launch IMAGE Studios® Franchise nationwide. 

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Early on as IMAGE Studios® began to scale the Olsen brothers sat down and spent considerable time identifying the core values of their company. They wanted to articulate what was driving them in this endeavor and it was quickly discovered that CREATIVITY, FREEDOM & SUCCESS were the fundamental values that were important to them as founders.


There is an entire universe of values out there in the business world but these core values truly embody the drive and vision at IMAGE Studios®. They guide the company and define its culture, they help explain why we do business the way we do, how decisions are made, and they articulate what we truly stand for.


These core values resonate with each person who is part of the IMAGE Studios® family which is why we find such a close connection with each of our team members, our IMAGE Owners, and our salon professionals. We are excited to show you more about this incredible opportunity that is redefining the salon industry as we know it.


IMAGE Studios® is an exclusive franchise that provides modern, high-end salon studios at affordable rates to salon professionals. Our core values of creativity, freedom and success are the driving forces that empower us collectively and embody all that we do as professionals in this industry. We strive to improve the communities we live in with the creation, support and growth of independent franchisees across the country. Our concept is simple: we provide an incredible space an atmosphere through our franchise system; our people bring the passion, talent and clientèle to their space. Together, we create an intoxicating formula for success.


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If you're ready to learn more about becoming an IMAGE Studios® owner, we invite you to join our discovery process. Our team is here to answer your questions as you learn more about this exciting business model. We have a series of interactive video calls and presentations that we'll guide you through, allowing you to see what the business model entails, how we train and support new franchisees, and provide a glimpse into our build-out and design process. You'll also have the opportunity to speak with other IMAGE Owners across the country. If you qualify, we will invite you to our "Meet The Team Day" with our corporate team, founders, and strategic partners to experience location tours and see your support team in action.

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